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Solidifying Ideas

Digital Modeling and Prototyping.

Eric is a Digital Sculptor currently working as a full-time freelancer.  He loves helping teams bring their concepts to realization.  After studying Art and 3D Animation, he found work with an animation studio creating commercials and television shows such as Disney’s Choo Choo Soul.  This was a great experience and Eric loved working on such a tight-knit team.  Eventually he found his way into modeling for Rapid-Prototyping at McFarlane Toys, creating highly detailed collectibles and action-figures for the Toy Industry.  What he enjoys most about his profession is the utilization of modeling and sculpting skill with technological flexibility, and working on a variety of projects.  Outside of work Eric loves spending time with his wife and their trusty side-kick Jackson, a rescued Poodle-Airedale mix.  He enjoys feeling the clean air while running and hiking.  He’s also passionate about communicating everyday in French, his second language.      

Collectibles and Toys

Dynamically Posed Statues, Articulated-Action Figures, Weapons, Vehicles, Environments, and Accessories.

Animation and Film

Modeling for Animation and Visual Effects pipelines.


3D Models for your Personal Project, should it be for a Personalized Toy, Product Visualization, a Personalized Sign, or anything you can imagine.

Some of the Toy Lines and Clients I've had the pleasure of working on and for: